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    Food packing scale | food packing scale

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      DCS-A60-LM computer quantitative packing scale is a new generation of intelligent packaging machine developed by our company. It mainly consists of four parts, such as automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing bag device and computer control. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy saving, electricity saving, convenient operation and accurate weighing.

      This machine is suitable for quantitative packing of granule material, such as corn, wheat, soybean, plastic granule, etc..

      Equipment features:

      1 electrostatic spraying process

      2 independent suspension sensor, signal transmission stability, to ensure weighing accuracy.

      3 the host adopts frequency conversion technology

      4 host, conveyor belt, sewing machine, network controller, ensure user-friendly operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, the gravity of material, large, medium and small, three cylinder control measure, without weighing, anti interference and realize automatic error compensation and correction.

      5, solve similar products pneumatic card, open bag, landing powder overflow, bag turn phenomenon

      6 infrared sensing, servo feeding, more energy saving

      7 class production, daily production, automatic storage of total output information

      Packing specification: 20-90KG

      Packing speed: 4-5 bags per minute

      Total power: 2.2KW

      Size of steel frame: high 2800+, wide 1200mm

      Belt conveyor: length 2500+, width 400mm

      Packing accuracy: 0.2%

      Equipment weight: 650KG

      Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

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